Secure communications, pre-trip inspection solution, incident management, and real-time video surveillance systems improve riders’ safety and security while traveling.

VoIP Module

Providing a comprehensive and reliable voice communication system for operators and dispatch. It includes key functions of a two-way mobile radio by leveraging VoIP technology and the cellular connection on the vehicles.

Incident Management

A comprehensive web-based incident management feature that is an integrated component of the CAD/AVL. The Incident management module allows to track accidents and complaints associated with drivers, vehicles or customers, and to easily enter, edit and delete general information, customer involvement, and notes about the incident.

Video Live Look

The system is able to retrieve live video streaming and push them to the CAD/AVL central system at the dispatch.

Pre-trip Inspection

The Pre-trip inspection feature is available on the Navineo mobile data terminal. This eliminates manual processing of paper-based inspection and is fully customizable by agency and regulatory requirements.