CAD/AVL, a key vector in the digital and energetic transition of mobility

“A key vector in the digital and energetic transition of mobility, a passenger information and operation support system enables a transport operator to improve and optimize the operation of its bus, streetcar, and train networks, making them more reliable and therefore more attractive. It can also significantly improve punctuality and on-time performance. In Casablanca, our NAVINEO solution, installed on buses and streetcars, has helped to increase the overall quality of network operations”, Renaud Bouvet, International Business Center Manager at Ineo Systrans, part of Equans France, tells News Tank on 06/05/2024.

“Since 2012, Ineo Systrans, a subsidiary of Equans France, has been the supplier of the Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automated vehicles Location (CAD/AVL) for the Casablanca transit network. Our NAVINEO CAD/AVL solution ensures efficient monitoring of the 700 buses and 40 high service level buses in the transport fleet of the operator Casa Transport, as well as the T1 and T2 tramway lines”.

“We have succeeded in building a real partnership of trust with our customers. This trust was built up thanks to our ability to quickly install a solution for the first tramway line. This trust was further strengthened with the commissioning of the second tramway line. The tests for the introduction of the high service level buses were all been conclusive. We are therefore ready for its implementation. We’ll do the same for the T3 and T4 tramway lines once we’ve completed our trials. They are due to go into service in the next few weeks.

Renaud Bouvet talks to News Tank about the partnership between Casa Transports and Equans Ineo Systrans.

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4th June 2024