Energy transition, opening up to competition, intelligent transport: Equans, the world leader in multi-technical services, is at the forefront of the challenges of the European Mobility Expo

Energy transition, opening up to competition, intelligent transport: Equans, the world leader in multi-technical services, is at the forefront of the challenges of the European Mobility Expo

From June 7th to 9th, at Porte de Versailles in Paris, the European Mobility Expo will take place. On this essential mobility event, Equans, the world leader in multi-technical services, will showcase the breadth of its expertise and activities in the service of more reliable, sustainable, and attractive mobility. Bringing together over 2,700 experts in public transport, Equans’ various transport entities are mobilizing around three main axes: railway electrification, service digitalization, and system optimization for performance and safety.

Telecommunications and connectivity, electrification and power supply, signaling systems, electromechanical safety equipment, and security: experts from Powerlines, Icomera, Navineo, and Ineo will be available to meet you at Booth P22, Hall 4.


Video surveillance: real-time broadcasting for an effective response

Icomera, an entity of Equans and the world’s leading provider of integrated connectivity solutions for public transport, will exhibit its latest onboard digital video surveillance solution. Demonstrating the numerous ways to leverage constant and high-speed Internet connectivity on a vehicle, Icomera’s system enables remote broadcasting of high-definition images in real-time, regardless of the vehicle’s location. In case of an incident, live images allow the operator to provide a quick and appropriate response and resume normal service as soon as possible.

Railway electrification, the cornerstone of transport decarbonization

As one of the main European suppliers in the field of electrification for local public transport and mainline railways, Powerlines, an entity of Equans, relies on a wide range of services to offer sustainable and reliable solutions to its international customers, capable of meeting the challenge of energy transition. For local public transport, Powerlines electrifies tramway, metro, light rail, and trolleybus systems. For mainlines, the range of services includes standard railway lines and high-speed lines. The services of the Powerlines group cover consulting and engineering, installation and maintenance, as well as product development and sales. At the European Mobility Expo, Powerlines will present its latest 3rd rail system for metro electrification as well as catenary equipment.


SOCRAT: Remote monitoring of catenary installations

To ensure network quality, maintenance of railway catenaries requires significant human and material resources, with no guarantee of the accuracy of manual measurements. This led Equans to develop a System for Operating Control of Regularization of Tensioning Devices (SOCRAT). This innovation enables remote monitoring of the displacement values of catenaries, tramway contact lines, and their regularization systems. The system monitors tensioning devices in real-time, detects defects on the catenary, checks the accuracy and durability of installations, and aids in decision-making.

PMGI: An innovative system for managing railway traffic in maneuvering zones

Developed by Equans teams, the PMGI (Computerized Geographical Maneuvering Station) is an interfacable and secure signaling system adapted to the constraints and needs of urban rail transport (trains, metros, tramways, etc.). With a high level of security requirements ranging from SIL 2 to SIL 4, it performs locking functions allowing train maneuvers and ensuring control and supervision.

A modular and scalable system, the PMGI was designed to equip new lines or modernize railway infrastructures, adapting to older equipment. This next-generation technology minimizes clutter along the tracks and allows trains to pass through a track section that may have one or more switches (temporary service, storage, terminus, or disconnection). Recently deployed on the Avignon tramway, this decentralized locking system linked to switch maneuvers will be presented by Equans experts at booth P22.

Navineo: Embracing digital transformation to improve public transport

As a leader in Passenger Information and Operation Support Systems (PIOS), Navineo is an Equans product that equips over 50,000 buses and trams in 250 transport networks worldwide. By relying on in-depth real-time data analysis, solutions developed by Equans experts enhance passenger information quality and operational efficiency through operations support, traffic light priority, eco-driving, and automatic passenger counting. The Navineo offer of intelligent transport systems and services developed by Equans integrates features adapted to new types of mobility, including real-time supervision of the charge of electric buses. Equans teams have also launched a new Navineo e-learning training offer dedicated to public transport drivers.

A deployable solution at the regional level, Navineo solutions harmonize and coordinate all modes of transportation in a territory. Recent Navineo projects with the Mixted Collective Transport Union of Oise (SMTCO), which brings together 21 municipalities, the Normandy Region, and the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, will be presented at booth P22.


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7th June 2022