Whether they are onboard, at stops, on their smartphones or laptops, passengers can count on reliable and real-time information about their journey.


Allowing to display real-time arrival prediction for upcoming stops, transfer points, service alerts and detours, local news, public service messages and geo-based advertising. The system offer an access for the agency administration to edit and customize the content.

Web and App Passenger Information

Providing a web customer portal Interface that integrates directly into the agency’s website. The platform is continuously updated to ensure all maps and traffic information is current and provides riders with 24/7/365 access to transit information and map-based predictions for the user. The full set of real-time data is also available through GTFS-RT.

Audio Announcements

The Automatic Voice Announcement (AVA) module is fully integrated within the CAD/AVL system, and allows to manage next stop voice announcement, inside and outside the vehicles. It meets Americans with Disabilities Act standards for a comprehensive and accessible passenger information system.

Onboard and at stops Passenger Information Display

Integrated system and enhanced passenger information with on-board infotainment screen, map tracking on the screen, connection, point of interest, live stream of CCTV…